So I have never been one to shop for clothes online for myself. I like the feeling of going into a store, picking out my own style, and trying it on. With Rona in the picture, trying on clothes is next to no availability, so I decided to try Wantable able out. I saw an ad on Facebook for a cozy edit and then went to several reviews by other people and thought I would give it a go. Now, just for clarity, I am not the person who falls for Facebook ads. In fact, I steer clear of them, as I have heard so many bad things happening to people who purchase from a Facebook ad.
So I went to their website and requested the cozy edit. I had to pay $20 for the styling fee, which you get back if you purchase some clothes. You can choose how often you would like the clothes to come. I left details of the type of clothes I like and what I really didn’t like. I shared a pic from Pinterest to help the stylist with the idea of what I like. It took about 3 weeks to get my edit, due to the demand for the cozy edit, they were waiting for more of their clothes to come in. They did keep me in the loop with an email and let me know it was going to be on its way. There are seven articles that are sent in each box. These clothes you can choose to keep or send back. You can choose the price of the clothing you want in the box ranging from $50 and up. Some of my pieces were under $50.
The clothing that I came in my box were super cozy and top quality clothing. Some items I did keep and others I sent right back. I have included the pictures of the pieces I kept to complete my fall cozy look below.
If you are interested in trying WANTABLE out for yourself. Click my affiliate link below:
So here is my cozy edit video on the unpacking and the outfits they picked.

Here are my Fall Cozy Outfits: